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How does it work?

Produce cutting-edge content assets in 4 simple steps.

1. Gather your content

Your most exceptional content deserves better than just a PDF. Pull together your images, videos, text, and brand assets like fonts and logos, and watch it all come alive.

Instant Magazine has helped push our firm to new heights of digital innovation. It is a present platform that tackles the future.

Jared D. Reeder Jared D. Reeder, EY

2. Create your publication

Give your developers a break. Our sophisticated Drag & Drop editor gives you complete creative freedom with minimal effort — and it produces stunning results every time.

We wanted the latest technology, and our publications had to be rendered flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, because those are the platforms our readers use these days.

Erik Poolman Erik Poolman, PwC

3. Publish and promote

Your Instant Magazines are at home on the web and are designed to be shared. Interactive and perfectly responsive, they feel fluid like native apps but work perfectly in any browser, on any device.

The fully responsive design is perfect for any device and lets us reach an even wider audience. The metrics we can now collect allow us to improve with each edition.

Jolanda Spies Jolanda Spies, Volvo

4. Track, measure, and optimize

Unlike PDFs or slide decks, Instant Magazines live in the cloud and allow you to collect rich data about all your visitors. Generate meaningful insights and optimize as your audience grows.

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