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In 2008​,​ we started creating custom ​digital magazines in Flash and ActionScript as a replacement for prin​t magazines​. As a result, beautiful and engaging magazines were created, but these were very labor intensive and costly with each magazine taking 150 to 200 hours to build and would require a designer, developer and marketer to get to done.

digitale magazines

Responsive magazines

With the introduction of the iPad in 2010, which didn’t support Flash, we started searching for an HTML5 alternative. We wanted to produce our magazines in a more efficient way, but couldn't find a tool that delivered what we needed. With mobile browsing rapidly increasing, the demand for an inherently responsive solution was never greater. After an exhausting search, we decided to take it into our own hands - and decided to build it in-house.

User-friendly tool

This is where Instant Magazines was born. We created a user-friendly template driven tool that democratized beautiful web publications. In 2013, we launched our platform and gained our initial two clients in our first week. Fast forward to today, and we have we amassed 1,000+ clients in 36 countries with our roster growing daily. Set on expansion, we grew from our headquarters in Amsterdam, to opening an office in Frankfurt, London, and most recently New York. Our tool allows anyone with content (text, image and vide) to create high-end agency level output in an afternoon - all without the need for a developer or a designer.

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Meet the people behind
Instant magazine

Nina van Vliet

Social Media Specialist

Nina her focus is on working out social media strategies. Besides, Nina and her camera are inseparable. Together they are capturing everything that happens in the company.

Lilian Timmers

Editorial Designer

As Editorial Designer Lilian supports and advises clients about designing their online magazines. She also works on writing blogs and other texts for our website.

Maaike Dirks-Tempel

Customer Success Manager

As Customer Success Manager Maaike ensures that our clients are as successful as possible with their digital publications. From concept to distribution and analysis, she will gladly help you out!

Nicole Kenter

Agency Development Representative

Nicole advises our agencies and guides them during their first steps in the world of digital publishing.

James McBriar

Sales Director (UK)

James is our Sales Director in the United Kingdom. He advises clients by giving demos of our tool, sharing awesome examples and showing all possible applications.

Douglas van Oijen

Head of Growth

Douglas focuses on the growth of our company. He guides our sales offices around the globe but also loves to advise clients by giving demos of our tool, sharing awesome examples and showing all possible applications

Fabian de Bakker

Creative Mind

Fabian's main focus is enhancing the user experience of our tool by creating the best designs possible. Artist, designer, creative mind: Fabian is all of it and more.

Femke Bos

Management assistant

As our management assistant Femke is our peacekeeper at the office. She ensures that we are well equipped and makes sure everything runs as smooth as it possibly can!

Daniel Knoppers

Product owner

Daniel is the bridge between business and development. He translates wishes to our backlog, sets the right priorities and is the master of our roadmap.

Paul Knol

Customer Solution Provider

As Customer Solution Provider Paul has the perfect solution for every support question. Seriously, ask him anything!

Tim Termaat

Business Development Representative

Tim advises our clients and guides them during their first steps in the world of digital publishing.

Maaike Schoe

Penny processor

Maaike is our Penny Processor and responsible for administration. The entire process, from every entry to the financial reporting. Process them pennies.

Tom de Jonge

Front-end Magician

Tom uses his magical design skills to make projects come to life. He designs the front-end of the edtior and creates magazines.

Michiel Schouten

Head of Marketing

Michiel leads our team of self-directed marketing professionals. He and his team work their butt off to transform potential users into engaged Instant Magazine ambassadors.

Stephan Terhaar

Content marketer

Stephan is our content man. Blogs, newsletters, e-mails, case studies... He writes it all!

Roëll Bakker

Agency Growth Manager

Roëll focuses on the growth of our company. He advises clients by giving demos of our tool, sharing awesome examples and showing all possible applications.

Chiel de Leeuw

Growth Hacker

Chiel is responsible for analyzing and improving our online marketing campaigns. He also has a love-hate relationship with data.

Sabrina Beer

Mother of all Nerds

With the official title “Mother of all Nerds” Sabrina makes sure that the organization runs smoothly. She is responsible for sales and administration.

Bart Brinkman

King of Code

A developer who can write code and (with his degree in Information Science) he is an expert in setting up business processes. Rightfully the King of Code!

Ninette Miedema

Head of Finance

As Head of Finance Ninette is responsible for all the financial processes of our clients. From payments of clients to setting the right targets, she does it all!

Arinda Loef

Customer Success Manager

Arinda is committed to ensure that our clients use our tool as successfully as possible by providing advice on strategy, distribution, statistics and much more.

Jean-Pierre Rostane

QA engineer

As QA engineer Jean-Pierre is the test pilot of our source code. He makes sure every update to our editor is in order and test everything he can get his hands on.

Daan Reijnders

Co-Founder / CEO

Daan is initiator and co-owner of Instant Magazine. Based on demand, Daan seamlessly incorporated concept and execution. He has years of experience in offline to online transitions.

Stephan Heeger

Search Marketer

Stephan is dedicated to creating effective online marketing campaigns. He is the mastermind behind our search efforts.

Christopher Sorge

Sales Director (US)

Christopher is our Sales Director in the United States. He advises clients by giving demos of our tool, sharing awesome examples and showing all possible applications.

Barry Tielkes

Javascript Guru

As Javascript Guru Barry creates new features for our editor (WYSIWYG!) and awesome stuff for magazines.

Martijn Senden

Front-end Pioneer

Martijn pushes us to new frontiers by developing our editor. He ensures we are up to speed with the newest technologies and finds the best ways to use them.

Marco Papalia

The Codefather

Marco will make you an offer you can't refuse. He builds new templates and creates awesome animations & features.

Hester Pollemans

Project Manager

Hester manages internal and external projects and coordinates our Creative Services. She eats deadlines for breakfast, both for clients and colleagues.

Antonio Martins

Code Rebel

Antonio is our back-end developer and master of SCRUM. He makes sure everything is connected properly and watches over the efficiency of development.

Dennis Looijenga

Engagement Officer

Dennis is our online marketer and makes sure that we engage with our (potential) clients in the best possible way.

Melvin van Gent

Front-end Ninja

Melvin is part of our front-end team and works on our new Drag & Drop editor. He makes sure our editor is as intuitive and user-friendly as it can be.

Joost Galama

Co-Founder / CTO

Joost is co-owner of Instant Magazine. The technical mastermind behind our innovation. He designed the back-end as well as the front-end.

Yvonne Brugman


As ‘Kickstarter’ Yvonne helps our clients with building online magazines. From concept to creation!

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We're always looking for new talent to join our team. Check the jobs below our team or get in touch!

Frank Mintjes

Website Optimization Wizard

Frank takes any SEO challenge. He manages our blogs, examples and ensures that Instant Magazine is the first result in search engines.

Marco Kracht

User Experience Resident

Marco is one of our creative minds. He uses his design skills to create the slickest design for both our website and the editor.

Dylan George

PHP Jedi

Together with the King of Code, Dylan makes sure our back-end uses the latest techniques and is ready for the next step.

Kimberly Warrington

Director, Business Development (US)

Kimberly advises clients by giving demos of our tool, sharing awesome examples and showing all possible applications.

Jonna Braam

Customer Solutions Provider

Jonna is there for you all day. She has the answer to every possible support question you might have.

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We are looking for a native English Content Marketer. You are a self-starter with a knack and love for writing, great organizational skills, and a passion for technology.

Location: Amsterdam

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As an Account Executive you'll be responsible for prospecting and closing. You'll be based in Amsterdam and follow up on inbound leads, provide presentations to potential clients and search for new clients.

Locatie: Amsterdam

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