Published on: 26-03-2016

In the spotlight: Dynamic Blocks template

Do you need some inspiration to help you choose a template? We’re happy to give you some pointers. This time we’re putting the spotlight on the Dynamic Blocks template.

Ideal for presenting your products, as a table of contents, or as an overview page for tips or apps. You name it!

Almost endless layouts


The template consists of blocks. You can set the size of each block and whether you want spacing between them. Fill each block with an image and/or text.

Choose an animated GIF to give a block extra zing. Naturally, you can style each block individually and set your own mouseover animations.

Dynamic Blocks

Link a block to:

  • a page, to create a table of contents

  • an external link, to create a webshop

  • an overlay for more information

The sequence of blocks depends on the resolution of your device. The desktop sequence may be different from what you see on a tablet or other device.


Animations can be set for each individual block.


Align bottom

Title positioned at bottom of the block

No effects

No effects during mouseovers; title will be positioned in the middle of the block

Rollover zoom effect

Image zooms out slightly during mouseover

Rollover slide effect

Image slides slightly downward during mouseover





Spring Collection

Steps showcases its spring collection in this eye-popping magazine, built up entirely of Dynamic Blocks! Animated GIFs and a fresh design create a unique look and feel.



Volvo uses Dynamic Blocks for a table of contents. Each block links to a specific page in the magazine.

Volvo Online Magazine


Total Creation took a highly creative approach to the template by placing round PNG files in the blocks! The overlay redirects to the webshop.

Kleertjes Online Magazine

Webshop page

Context and conversion, a great combination. Dynamic blocks for a webshop page. iProspect created this lookbook for

Filleaves Online Magazine

Index combined with foreword

A foreword and table of contents on a single page. The first block redirects to more content, while the other blocks link to specific pages. Great example by the ZZP ServiceDesk.

ZZP Online Magazine

Table of contents

A great example of a colorful table of contents for the Edinburgh City Guide.

Timeout Online Magazine


Each block in Topman’s magazine links to more content, such as product specifications or other information.

Topman Online Magazine

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