Published on: 06-08-2015

In the spotlight: One pager template

This blogpost is intended to show you how you can handle our templates creatively. This time we will focus on the one-pager template. The one-pager is a flexible template that allows you to stack content blocks. You can use it in a lot of ways: for slideshows, a text with one or two columns, a background video or short video with a little text next to it, etc.

Get those creative juices flowing

There are six options to choose from when you get to ‘Block type’:


For a slide show with animated text. There are three different height settings to choose from.

Image + Text block

Image and text, placed left or right.


A number of images next to each other, cropped in a square or a circle. Each image has room for a short text.

Text block

Choose a one- or two-column format. A one-column format allows you to easily create a streamer.

Video + Text block

Video with an introductory text, placed left or right.

Fullscreen image + Text block

An image with an introductory text and if required a button that activates the scroll animation.


We have compiled a number of examples as inspiration and to show you how versatile this template is:

For an interview:

The PwC About magazine starts with a full-screen video. This is an excellent example of a page with more extensive content.

To showcase a product:

An introduction to the infotainment system installed in the new SEAT Ibiza.

For tips:

Beautiful photography including tips. In cooperation with, created this holiday photography guide.

Content with a clear call-to-action:

Sunweb offers relevant content on small-scale apartments with a clear call-to-action to the reservations website.

In-depth content:

The e-zine Intelligent Mobility is a publication of the ‘Beter Benutten’ (Optimizing Use) program which is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

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