Published on: 28-02-2016

In the spotlight: One pager tiles template

Flexibility is fantastic, especially if you want to create a page with many different types of content. That’s precisely why we’ve created this great new template: One pager tiles.

You can use this vertical navigation template to create row upon row of content. The One pager template is based on four columns, offering unlimited sequence combinations. Below, you’ll find some examples of rows that you can add.
This is an ideal template in terms of styling: you can use Item Style to customize each row independently!

Text, images, video streamers... you can add practically anything!

There are nine options to choose from in ‘Content type’:

Text l image + quote

An image with a quote on one side, and text on the other.

Text + Image

An image with an overlayed introductory text. The text block can be positioned to the left or right.


A row with a video clip. Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

Image l quote

An image on one side, and a quote on the other.


A row specifically for text. Choose a one- or two-column format. A one-column format allows you to easily create a streamer.

Custom (advanced)

You can set the sequence of your content in each row based on four columns.
You can choose between text, image or video, and position your content over one or two columns.

Image slider 

For a slide show with animated text. Up to 10 slides.

RSS Feed 

A row for loading dynamic content. Great for sharing blog posts, job openings, products! An easy way to fill a magazine page with new content automatically.

Map Block

Integrate Google Maps functionality in this template to share locations with your visitors in an interactive environment!



For a product presentation:

An overview of a range of products all at once. This magazine is filled with One pager tiles.

Combined with video:

Volvo’s magazine contains a great promotional video to put you in the mood to drive.

For a list:

Manchester’s City Guide provides a list of cool spots throughout the city. Use custom rows and colors to keep things clear.

For tips:

Use a slightly blurred image in the background to set the mood while keeping distractions on the page to a minimum. Here’s a great magazine made by for

Use a GIF image:

A GIF image has been added to this FOOD photo by Total Creation, making the page more dynamic.

For individual components:

In the ‘fullscreen Image + txt’ row, the image size adjusts to the amount of text. By adding an empty row (without text), you can create space between the various items, in this case recipes.

For an interview:

ZZP ServiceDesk used the One pager tiles template for an interview. Colors make the structure of the interview clear: blue for Jeffrey and black for Glenn.

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