Why you should personalize your online magazine

Hi! Would you like some online magazine tips? If we had used your name in the first sentence, then it would have been a lot more likely that you would have continued reading. All of us are sensitive to personal attention after all. What’s more, it gives lots of people a huge boost. Not only in everyday life, but also online.

Look at companies such as Coolblue, Peerby, KLM and Travelbird that are hugely successful online. They make things easier for their customers by offering them a perfect user experience and excellent customer service, but also by addressing them personally.

22 percent increase in magazine visit duration

Although it might not be hard psychology, the numbers do not lie: if your name is used in an email or magazine, you are more likely to click on links or to continue reading. The CPC run Rotterdam’s running magazine  showed that personalization increased the duration of visits to the online magazine by 22 percent.

Thousands of runners received a magazine the day after the event. The runner is addressed using his or her first and last names and personal finishing time. The runner’s finish photo really is the icing on the cake.

3 applications for personalization

Personalization is possible in text, photos or forms using a person’s name, job title or other customer information. Our magazines allow you to not only personalize the start page, but also other pages throughout your publication.

1. Address the reader personally

The PwC magazine addresses the reader personally, which leads to a stronger connection between content and reader. The magazine is opened more often, more pages are read and the average duration of a visit increases.

PWC Online Magazine

2. Personalize content for your reader

This De Zaak magazine addresses the reader directly on the front page. After that, a video is adapted for each event and included in the magazine. Visitors from the town of Enschede will see a video that includes that city name so they feel even more personally addressed.

WVDO Online Magazine

3. Exclude pages based on a profile

You should ensure that the reader only receives content that is relevant for him or her. The Volvo magazine only shows pages based on the recipient’s car type. Someone with a V40 car will only receive pages with information about the V40 series.

Volvo Online Magazine

Give something away to convince visitors

Of course, having an excellent database is crucial. Start building a good database today if you want to successfully employ personalization. Lower the threshold for visitors to fill in forms. Some details such as name and email address are useful for personalization. Every additional question increases the chance that the reader will quit filling in the form. Offer a gift that entices the reader to fill in their information. An example is the Whitepaper function that we have recently added. Of course you can also collect data using your existing email address list, newsletter or social media.

More info on ways to use personalization in your magazine can be found in our news update (#11). Good luck using personalization!

Do you have any other ideas for personalization? Or would you like to talk about something else? Get in touch with me at dennis@instantmagazine.com or call +31 (0)20 303 2822.

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