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AT&T Education
The Next-Generation Network

This interactive white paper designed by The Rubicon Agency for AT&T Education is full of great photos, background videos, and clever animations. A great example of what Instant Magazine can do.

AT&T Education - white paper example

Humanizing The Digital Customer Experience

This sleek digital white paper from NGDATA about humanizing the digital customer experience is full of quality information and does a great job at showcasing their industry expertise in an engaging format.

NGDATA - white paper example

Gladwell Academy
Safe done sane | White paper

Gladwell Academy published an amazing white paper about the benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework for you and your business.

Gladwell Academy - digital white paper example

Trilux Get Inspired By Light

Trilux made a crazy whitepaper about special light projects and the science behind light. It's full of interesting interviews and more.

GIBL - Digital  white paper example

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