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The quarterly thought-leadership magazine "About" from PwC showcases many of their best articles on a wide range of subjects. It showcases long-form content in an interactive and visually appealing way.

PwC is an international accountancy and (tax) consultancy in the Netherlands with approximately 4,200 employees in twelve locations. The company uses Instant Magazine for a variety of internal and external publications. Erik Poolman, senior communications advisor, explains: “The enthusiasm for online magazines is spreading like wildfire throughout the organization.”

You are publishing less and less on paper. Why?

“Information needs surveys among the readers of our client magazine Inzake have revealed that people are no longer interested in perusing the paper version. ‘I don’t even take it out of the plastic wrapper,’ we’ve heard. Clients, especially at the management level, want to read and digest information quickly and easily. And if they find something interesting, they want to share it in their organization with a minimum of fuss. That’s why we opted for online magazines.”

Why did PwC choose Instant Magazine?

“We wanted the latest technology, and our publications had to be rendered flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, because those are the platforms our readers use these days. And it had to be affordable. We spoke with vendors who customize each and every issue for publication, but Instant Magazine puts us in charge – not only of content and editing, but also of page design. Where necessary, we ask the people at Instant Magazine for help with the layout. Things are working out very well. The Instant Magazine team is very eager and helpful.”

Do your readers appreciate your digital magazine?

“The statistics look great. I was especially curious to see how much time people spend reading the longer, more substantive articles. We really want to promote our thought leadership by going in-depth into certain themes. We are seeing that readers spend a relatively long time on our pages, and that they also view multiple pages. But the mix is ​​just as important: a lot of people concentrate on our ‘visual narrative’, where we highlight a single issue using a big image or video clip. Once we have published multiple issues, we can use the statistics to draw conclusions: what appeals to people? Are the articles too long or too short? This enables us to adjust our content strategy to our clients’ wishes.”

What else do you publish with Instant Magazine?

“We publish a recruitment magazine, a number of special editions and some internal publications such as a staff magazine. Our recruitment magazine has a rather young target audience. They are particularly receptive to the online format, which gives them a good impression of what it’s like to work at PwC. I’ve noticed that the trend is spreading like wildfire throughout the organization: more and more divisions want their own online magazine. It really looks sleek, it’s simple to use and it’s got just the right look to fit in with our corporate image.”

Do you have any tips for Instant Magazine users?

“Take the user experience into account. People sometimes ask me to publish an article that’s nothing but text. But then you’re missing the point, I feel. You need to give some thought to the visual appeal of your content: images, photographs, infographics. How can you support your message with visuals? We still have a lot to learn in this regard, but we’re doing our best to take visuals seriously.”

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