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Zoom created an online sneak preview of their printed and paid winter magazine in 2015. Zoom uses it as a marketing tool to attract new subscribers.

The traditional publisher’s role has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years. is taking a leading role and is moving away from traditional publishing to becoming a true content marketing organization. In addition to having a printed magazine, also offers video courses on photography and is also the largest photography community in the Netherlands. has been using Instant Magazine for over six months.

Why is using online magazines?

  • To offer sneak previews of printed publications. Relevant content is shared at no cost. The goal: to inspire the reader and tempt them into purchasing a subscription or individual issues.
  • For specials that offer more information to subscribers of the printed version Take the 2015 camera purchasing guide.
  • For content creation: creates online magazines for its partners. One example is the guide for holidays and photography published in association with Nicely presented and relevant content that adds value for the reader without ‘pushing’ products.

Why go digital?

Digital magazines are in line with user expectations and make it possible to optimize the reader’s experience. Online magazines can also be shared and distributed more easily.

Why choose Instant Magazine?

Instant Magazine is great for images and video and can be easily read on every screen. You can relatively easily make and reuse your own content. did not want to work with PDFs; the possibilities for online use are far from ideal. allows Instant Magazine to share great customized content, offering the very best digital reading experience possible.

What would like to achieve with its digital publications?

In general, the idea is to optimize the reading experience and add value. This way, is able to better engage its readers.

What are the results? has been using online publications for approximately six months now and the results will be measured from now on.

How have readers reacted to the magazine?

The Tamron and specials have been very well received, the commissioning parties are very excited. The magazines are often read cover to cover. This means that the reader appreciates the content and how it’s presented.

How was the magazine distributed?

Different channels were used for each publication. The online sneak preview for the printed publication was placed on the website. Several newsletters included links to previews. The specials were shared in the newsletter and in social media posts. Partners should make their own decisions as regards sharing their magazine.

What tips does have for Instant Magazine users?

Use the same approach for a digital publication as you would for an ordinary printed publication. Use the same disciplines and work with the same team. Simply start publishing content online and find out what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. You can optimize your publication based on the data collected.

What are the plans for the future? would like to further optimize the reading experience in a variety of ways. Consider data integration for example, or personalization. Print will continue to exist, but online publication allows for more added value. This keeps the number of subscriptions for printed publications stable.

A number of Holiday Photography Tips figures:

  • Almost 90% of visitors read the magazine cover to cover
  • The average time spent reading per visit is: 4 minutes and 9 seconds
  • 45% use on PCs, 55% mobile use (over half of these users viewed the magazine on a smartphone) 
  • Total reach of 2,637 unique readers. 25% of these readers read articles more than once.
  • Page views: 25,565
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