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A beautiful online magazine created by Vacanceselect. It covers the best destinations you should visit. Life's a beach.

35% more conversion with an inspiring holiday magazine

Vacanceselect offers top of the line accommodations on camp sites and holiday parks. Their range includes fully-equipped ‘glamping’ tents and luxury holiday homes. Vacanceselect has used Instant Magazine since 2014 to get readers interested in fantastic holiday offers.

Why create a digital magazine?

Vacanceselect publishes a printed magazine twice a year. This process is very time-consuming but the magazine brings more visitors to the website. Vacanceselect is now also issuing a digital magazine because this can be created faster and is therefore more up-to-date. People can click on links in the online magazine that immediately direct them to the website and this ensures a higher conversion rate and relevant visits.

What is the magazine’s aim?

The magazine intends to inspire. It contributes to conversions, customer retention, branding and customer loyalty through personalization.

Why did Vacanceselect choose Instant Magazine?

Vacanceselect is thrilled that Instant Magazine is so easy to set up, even without much technical knowledge. Instant Magazine is user-friendly but still offers many different options.

What are the results for the online magazines?

The result of the online magazine cannot be compared to the printed publication, but it can be compared to data obtained from the email newsletter. The figures for the last two issues:

Instant Magazine Email newsletter
Sessions: 2235
Direct conversions: 0,25%
Indirect conversions: 4%
Average sessions: 2350
Direct conversions: 0,40%
Indirect conversions: 2,27%

The direct conversions for the magazine are lower than for an average mailing, but indirect conversions are much higher. This is because the online magazine showcases several products. More members of the public are then reached.

How is the magazine distributed?

The magazine is distributed through the Vacanceselect newsletter, on social media and on the website.

Is the magazine geared towards mobile use or use on a PC?

Vacanceselect prefers to offer top quality services on both types of device. People tend to shop around a bit on their cell phones, so the text should be short and to the point. The goal for the online magazine is also to provide only relevant information focusing on USPs, availability and prices. 

What tips does Vacanceselect have for Instant Magazine users?

Find out about the different options available to Instant Magazine users. You can use IM in lots of fun ways. Make sure you’re feeling creative and .... start on time!

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