Meet the people behind Instant Magazine

Spread across New York, London, and Amsterdam, here's the entire Instant Magazine crew, in no particular order.

Fien Wanders

Customer Support Hero

Painter, bass player, and customer support technician, Fien specializes in providing creative solutions for all our customers' needs.

Fabian de Bakker

Creative Mastermind

Fabian's main focus is enhancing the user experience of our tool by creating the best designs possible. Artist, designer, creative mind: Fabian is all of it and more.

Basia Karpiel

Digital Designer

With her toolbox of mystical design skills, Basia beautifies everything she touches. She creates mockups for customers and digital assets for the team.

Tim Arisz

UX/UI Designer

Tim makes sure the immersive publications our customers create come with a user experience that's friendly and intuitive. Also, he's our GIF master.

Geoffrey Stekelenburg

The Dark Coder

Geoffrey is part of our back-end team. Together with his beloved pet Russell, he masters the Force to guard over our API.

Igor Faygenbaum

Customer Success Manager

When Igor's not at the gym, he's busy building meaningful relationships with clients and helping them get the most out of their digital content.

Ritesh Sheombar

Online Advertising Savant

Ritesh takes care of our online advertising with sage-like wisdom. He executes, monitors and continually optimizes, ensuring the price is always right.

Nicole Kenter

Digital Strategy Adviser

Nicole sets up meetings and gives great demos of our platform. And as our in-house photographer, she documents all our office antics.

Jonna Braam

Head of Support

Jonna is there for you all day. She has the answer to every possible support question you might have.

Tom de Jonge

UX Designer

Tom uses his masterful design skills to turn our myriad of complex configurations into an intuitive and friendly user experience.

Dylan George

PHP Jedi

Dylan helps to oversee the continuing evolution of our API using tools nobody else understands, like the mythical Doctrine ORM.

Sean Filidis

Content Strategist

Copywriter, content producer, and human thesaurus, Sean oversees our messaging and ensures the right people see the right info at just the right time.

Ilse Kruitwagen

Project Manager

Ilse deftly juggles dozens of projects, manages the design team’s schedule, and keeps our clients gratified. And she’s always smiling.

Christopher Sorge

Sales Director (Americas)

Always ready to help, Christopher gives exciting demos, shares relevant case studies, and provides whatever our customers need to succeed.

Martijn Terpstra


With his data-driven and Frisian down-to-earth mindset, Martijn heads up the Amsterdam Sales team to leverage the exponential growth of the Instant Magazine community in the EMEA region.

Kevin de Vries

Digital Strategy Adviser

Kevin's hobbies and vocation are one and the same: Inspiring others to create remarkable content. You might say he gets paid for having fun.


Silent Witness

Our beloved office pet, Russel, silently monitors our workplace escapades from the comfort of her corner office.

Ninette Miedema

Head of Finance

From financial figures and forecasts to fancy fiscal flowcharts, Ninette figures in all the funds and facilitates our financial freedom.

Barry Tielkes

JavaScript Guru

If you come across a great feature, there's a good chance Barry was involved. He awsomifies everything he gets his hands on.

Daniel Knoppers

Product Owner

Daniel keeps our developers on track making sure the features on our roadmap get done on time and in the order our customers want.

Daan Reijnders

Co-founder / CEO

The CEO and co-founder of Instant Magazine. Always thinking five steps ahead, Daan sees upcoming business trends with prophetic accuracy.

Roëll Bakker

Agency Growth Manager

Roëll manages our partner program and helps our certified agency partners secure recurring revenue streams with our platform.

Jean-Pierre Rostane

QA Engineer

No other human spends more time using Instant Magazine. JP's ongoing mission is to try to break everything our developers create.

Claire Schouten

Customer Support Hero

Claire always goes the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied. After solving your support issue, she might just provide free marital advice too.

Melisa Memic

QA Engineer

Melisa uses her powerful laser eyes to spot bugs before our customers do. In her spare time she pretends to be a dead starfish on the beach.

Iliad Suha

Financial Controller

Whether you prefer cash, credit card, or check, Iliad is always happy to take your money! He makes sure transactions go smoothly.

James McBriar

Sales Director (UK)

James works hard advising clients, demonstrating our software, and proving the value of our tool. He takes his tea al desko.

Stephan Heeger

Search Marketer

Stephan is dedicated to creating effective online marketing campaigns. He is the mastermind behind our search efforts.

Michiel Schouten

Head of Marketing

Michiel heads up our team of marketing professionals and works hard to turn potential users into Instant Magazine evangelists.

Douglas van Oijen

Head of Growth

Douglas guides our global expansion and continuously reminds us how to translate product features into real customer value.

Yori van Loo

Junior Web Developer

If there’s something strange in your editor, who you gonna call? Call Yori! This bug buster solved a bug within his first hour at the company. Next to solving bugs and building features, Yori enjoys his evening swims.

Yvonne Brugman


As ‘Kickstarter’ Yvonne helps our clients with building digital publications. From concept to creation!

Erwin Verdonk

Full-Stack Developer

Erwin doesn't mind getting his hands dirty on anything software development related. He has a strong focus on automation and efficiency.

Magdalena Zawislak

Sales Administrator

From invoicing to payment processing, Magdalena follows up with clients making sure the cash keeps flowing and the lights stay on.

Tim Legierse

Digital Strategy Adviser

Digital strategy advisor by day, DJ by night, Tim brandishes the power of our platform with product demos that will make you want to dance.

Pauline Laval

QA Engineer

Our QA Engineer Pauline knows the editor like no-one else and makes sure it runs smoothly. As a person who considers herself to overuse smileys, she’s especially focused on making the users smile whilst creating awesome publications.

Willem Raadgers

Customer Support Hero

Is it a bird? Is it a bug? It's supportman! With Willem on the case, no support ticket goes unsolved, no call unanswered, no problem unresolved.

Lilian Timmers

Digital Designer

Lilian is a bit of a show-off. Constantly pushing the limits of our tool, she produces one brilliant client publication after another.

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Dennis Looijenga

Product Marketer

Dennis is the voice of our customer when it comes to the development of our product. He works on our market positioning, product messaging and crystalizes the value of our tool.

Sven Roeterdink

Front-End Shredder

Kitesurfer in the weekends, developer on the weekdays. Skillfully masters both the waves and our code.

Melvin van Gent

Front-End Ninja

Melvin is part of our front-end team and works on our new Drag & Drop editor. He makes sure our editor is as intuitive and user-friendly as it can be.

Maaike Schoe

Penny Processor

Maaike is our Penny Processor and responsible for administration. The entire process, from every entry to the financial reporting. Process them pennies.

Cesurhan Uygun

Front-End Developer

Hammering away at his keyboard, Ces works tirelessly to provide our customers with the features and user experience they want.

Bart Brinkman

King of Code

Bart sets the direction for the development of our back-end. If he can't do something, you can reasonably assume it's not possible.

Sabrina Beer

Key Account Director

Sabrina works hard to understand our clients' needs and provide them with the best possible solutions. And if they're ever not satisfied, she takes them out to lunch.

Dario Penas

PHP Developer

Our Spanish PHP legend Darío doesn’t only fix, maintain, and create new features for the API, he also pursues a professional career as FIFA gamer and movie blogger. Favorite movie? Memento. Favorite football player? Definitely not Nigel de Jong.

Sander Kalkman

Marcom Specialist

From social media strategy to event management to public relations, Sander keeps our audiences fully informed and perpetually entertained.

Martijn Senden

Front-End Pioneer

Always on top of the latest technological trends, Martijn develops new features and ensures they're both functional and a joy to use.

Joost Galama

Co-founder / CTO

Joost is the technical mastermind behind Instant Magazine. Send him a properly formatted JSON API query if you want to get in touch.

Femke Bos

Management Assistant

As our management assistant Femke is our peacekeeper at the office. She ensures that we are well equipped and makes sure everything runs as smooth as it possibly can!

Kosta Lilov

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Early morning Crossfit sessions ensure our Kostamer success manager, Kosta, is ready for whatever challenges our customers may face.

Chiel de Leeuw

Growth Marketer

Chiel is responsible for analyzing and improving our online marketing campaigns. He also has a love-hate relationship with data.

Vincent van der Laan

Sr. Digital Designer

Vincent channels vast amounts of energy and enthusiasm into developing remarkable online content, burning through lots of coffee in the process.

Victor Codrington

Digital Strategy Adviser

Victor brings finesse into every conversation. Full of creative ideas, he helps our customers optimize their digital communications strategies.

Kirsten Katuin

Human Resources Admin

Kirsten is a specialist in both human resources policy and CrossFit. It’s the perfect skillset for keeping our office healthy and stress-free.

Tom Schoorstra

Sales Support Technician

Tom may watch too much Netflix in his free time, but he's certainly no average Joe. Using advanced research techniques, he uncovers new ways for our customers to succeed.

Maaike Dirks-Tempel

Customer Success Manager

Are you using Instant Magazine to build awesome publications? Then Maaike is here to help you leverage the potential of our tool as much as possible.

Benjamin Kulakofsky

Content Marketer

Ben, master of both pen and participle, writes the page-turners that drive organic traffic and keeps our dedicated fanbase growing.

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