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Here you'll find our partners and their specific expertise. All of the listed partners are certified and trusted partners of Instant Magazine. While it's up to you to select the agency that fits your needs best, if you need any help choosing you can contact us.
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LSC Communications

LSC Communications helps you deliver your publication to subscribers wherever they are and whenever they need it. We offer cost-effective solutions for long-run consumer magazines and short-run trade or specialty publications. These solutions include distribution programs designed to reduce postage and transportation costs that typically represent over half the cost of production.

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Bold & Pepper

Do you want to communicate effectively and efficiently? Bold & Pepper adds a touch of spice and brings brands, companies and organisations to life. We immerse ourselves in your world, then carefully craft your message and convey it to your target group in a totally convincing way. In a word, Bold & pepper believes in the power of content marketing. No unnecessary bling bling, just content that is fresh, original and enduring. Content that informs, inspires and pays off. Bold, spicy, exquisite.

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How your brand communicates speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for, and helps your guests understand you better. Through definition of your content strategy, we can create engaging photography, emotive video and powerful copy that inspires and excites prospective guests through visual storytelling.

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Our communication and marketing solutions support each phase of the customer lifecycle: lead generation, onboarding, service and growth. Our service vary from promotional communication up to business and transactional communication. This content focussed multi-channel communication is fully personalized and fits your organization.

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Everything starts with creation. That’s why inspiring people work at RAADHUIS that help you in developing (new) services and products. Creativity is also having a good visual story and if needed we will open all registers to use the most advanced techniques.

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MooiMerk is the communication agency in the central area of The Netherlands and specializes in making online magazines. Why? Because we have designers who aren’t only creative, but also know the technical aspects of Instant Magazine. We also have our own in-house photographer which makes us a great partner for visual content.

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We offer solutions ranging from concept to realization. We offer help with the creative design, copywriting and distribution. Our specialized colleague helps you in the creation of relevant content and attractive stories for your target audience.

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X-Media Solutions

X-Media Solutions, part of Senefelder Misset, helps you in the creation and realization of your digital presentation. From the overall design to the build-up per page, all in your corporate identity. Whether it's a magazine, brochure or report, you name it, we create it.

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At TextArt we are Magazine Minds by heart, specialized in online magazines. This is not an addition of our activities, but our core business. We work with our customers from concept to content, focusing on design, content creation and distribution. Only last year we published nearly 50 online magazines, so it is safe to say the Instant Magazine Software has no secrets for us.

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Van den Broele

We make interactive digital publications that bring your content to life by great visuals, videos and compelling texts. Delivering your audience a fully personalized and perfect reading experience on all devices; smartphones, tablets and desktops. We know the hardships of making an online publication and are happy to help you from start to end or anywhere in between. Let’s put our heads together and get your publication off to the best start.

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