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Scalable solutions for organizations with multiple teams, specific integration needs, and custom development requests.

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What's really interesting for us is the ability to publish for any device and work with more than one person on a publication.

Marco Dobbelmann Senior Brand Consultant / Deloitte

Instant Magazine is a great solution if you want to make a project digital. It's responsive, it’s fresh, it's dynamic and it is perfect for using videos and targeted text. It's all-in-one!

Helen Oller Art Director / EY

In today's content-laden environment, a product like this provides a differentiating format for our agencies to produce client content.

Annette Fernandes-Poyser Executive Director / BBN

Instant Magazine enabled us to transform our printed My Volvo Magazine into an interactive publication full of inspiring content and beautiful imagery.

Jolanda Spies CRM Specialist / Volvo

Everybody here was unanimous that this was the tool to use. Our readers love the new way we're presenting content.

Erik Poolman Senior Project Manager / PwC

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Styling options Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Content elements 8 11 11 11
Number of visitors per month 5,000 15,000 50,000 50,000+
GBs of storage space 10 25 50 50+
Number of users 1 3 5 5+

Built-in reporting dashboard
Google Analytics integration

Global hosting
Search Engine Optimization
Social share buttons
Exporting to PDF
Hosting on your own domain
Content personalization
Form builder
Lead generation via
form login
Lead generation via social login

Content animations
Google fonts
Image cropper
Custom fonts
Full-screen background video
Margins & paddings
Column controls

User roles
Username & password login
Embed your own self-hosted
Whitelisting by IP address
Hosting on your own
web server
Single sign-on
Possibility for IT audits
Possibility for customized terms and conditions

Vimeo and YouTube
Google Tag Manager
Custom integrations
HubSpot, Salesforce and Pardot

Online support
Support by phone
On-boarding with a customer success manager
Proactive guidance from our customer success team
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Priority support
SLA (Service Level Agreement)

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