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Our platform empowers you to create your own fully responsive digital brochures. Using our pre-designed templates, you'll produce engaging and interactive brochures instantly. Support your sales team and enrich the customer journey with content that stands out! Distribute easily via e-mail, social media or your website.

Key Benefits

Fully responsive Personalization
Integrate with Google Analytics Social sharing

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Brochures are a great way to present your range of products and services. But not all of them receive the attention they deserve. All too often, your printed version ends up in the recycling bin, unread. So how to give your customer the best possible impression of all you have to offer them?

Drive your sales with relevant, personalized digital brochures

Give your customers and prospects an interactive visual experience they will remember. Bring your content to life with rich animations and fullscreen video’s.

You can even personalize the content based on your CRM, or tailor the publication based on the Linkedin profile of the reader!

We’ll provide insights via advanced analytics, integrate the forms with your CRM and allow you to retarget your audience with relevant content directly.

Our software allows you to keep your brochure updated all year round. Update your products, services and pricing.

Six reasons to choose for digital brochures

  1. Serve your reader better by personalizing your brochure including or excluding pages based upon a customer profile.
  2. Create a richer experience with animated pages, full-screen images, videos and interactive content. Link platforms like Typeform, SoundCloud or YouTube to your brochure.
  3. Save money with Instant Magazine. Cut your production costs and eliminate printing and distribution costs.
  1. Keep updating your publication. Has your offer changed? Easily revise the details in your online brochure.
  2. Publish your brochure in multiple languages this helps you serve an even larger audience.
  3. Understand your reader by measuring what really interests them. And adapt your content or design accordingly.

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Examples of digital brochures



A stunning brochure filled with fullscreen videos, good visuals and personalized call-to-actions.

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Nijhof Baarn

Nijhof Baarn

Nijhof Baarn is a construction and furnishing store. They use their brochure to inspire readers with the latest trends but also show some of their products.

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Total Creation

Total Creation

Total Creation demonstrates the power of good photography. A central keystone for brochures.

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“We wanted the latest technology, and our publications had to be rendered flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, because those are the platforms our readers use these days.“

Erik Poolman, senior communications advisor at PWC

Why you should choose us. Seriously.

Our powerful framework provides the perfect reader experience, on smartphones, tablets, and desktops alike.
Entirely in your house style, totally personalized, and measurable down to the last detail.

easy-to-use editor

We have built a straightforward, easy-to-use editor to enable you to create great publications yourself. Simply drop your content into the flexible templates and it looks perfect on any device. Within minutes you produce interactive publications that bring your content to life.

Great interactive publications on every device

Give your reader the ultimate animated full-screen experience. Complete with images, video, and audio. And enriched with interactive content: RSS and social feeds, forms, polls, and more – the perfect way to convey your message.

Understand, optimize and personalize

Your publications provide you with valuable feedback, too. What information interests your readers most? Which pages keep their attention longest? When do they scroll right to the end? What material do they share most often? All data that helps you flesh out your customer profiles and optimize your content.


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