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With Instant Magazine, you make your own fully responsive online member magazines. Amazingly fast and with no technical know-how required, you produce the most attractive and advanced interactive magazines.

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Closer links through an online member magazine

How do you stay in touch with your members? Regular updates about the organization, events and interesting developments keep you on the radar. But what if you go a step further, by inspiring, surprising and stimulating your community? Combine your content with our software and take your member communications up to the next level!


A digital member magazine?

Publishing your membership magazine online makes it fully responsive. You reach your community on every kind of smartphone, tablet and desktop.

And you use the latest technology to enrich your content with videos and infographics. Distribute the publication by e-mail, on social media or through your own website.

Five reasons to choose for online member magazines

  1. Save money with Instant Magazine. Cut your production costs and eliminate printing and distribution costs.
  2. Highlight specials by singling out particular events. Or devote a whole issue to one topic (special edition).
  3. Understand your members by measuring what really interests them. And adapt your content or design accordingly.
  1. Create a richer experience with animated pages, full-screen images, videos and interactive content. Link platforms like Typeform, SoundCloud or YouTube to your magazine.
  2. E-learning can be enabled so that your members can use an e-learning environment.

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Examples of online member magazines

Royal Dutch Motorcycle Federation

Royal Dutch Motorcycle Federation

The online magazine iRider keeps Dutch bikers up to date with the world of motorcycling. With an exclusive theme and custom templates, the publication has own very distinctive look and feel.

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Netherlands Judo Association

Netherlands Judo Association

The Netherlands Judo Association (JBN) publishes JBN Magazine in digital format to keep members informed of judo news and results. The title also contains interviews and other features.

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“It really looks sleek, it’s simple to use and it’s got just the right look to fit in with our corporate image.“

Erik Poolman, senior communication advisor at PWC

Why you should choose us. Seriously.

Our powerful framework provides the perfect reader experience, on smartphones, tablets, and desktops alike.
Entirely in your house style, totally personalized, and measurable down to the last detail.

easy-to-use editor

We have built a straightforward, easy-to-use editor to enable you to create great publications yourself. Simply drop your content into the flexible templates and it looks perfect on any device. Within minutes you produce interactive publications that bring your content to life.

Great interactive publications on every device

Give your reader the ultimate animated full-screen experience. Complete with images, video, and audio. And enriched with interactive content: RSS and social feeds, forms, polls, and more – the perfect way to convey your message.

Understand, optimize and personalize

Your publications provide you with valuable feedback, too. What information interests your readers most? Which pages keep their attention longest? When do they scroll right to the end? What material do they share most often? All data that helps you flesh out your customer profiles and optimize your content.


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