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Engage your Employees with Interactive Staff Magazines

Inspire employees with interactive and mobile-friendly magazines and leave a lasting impression.

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We found the Instant Magazine platform to be extremely intuitive. Digital publications allow us to present content in a way that's engaging and delivers impact.

Emma Blake Digital innovation consultant / EY

Instant Magazine in 4 easy steps

1. Gather your content
Your most exceptional content deserves better than just a PDF. Pull together your images, videos, text, and brand assets like fonts and logos, and watch it all come alive.
2. Create your publication
Give your developers a break. Our sophisticated Drag & Drop editor gives you complete creative freedom with minimal effort — and it produces stunning results every time.
3. Publish and promote
Your Instant Magazines are at home on the web and are designed to be shared. Interactive and perfectly responsive, they feel fluid like native apps but work perfectly in any browser, on any device.
4. Analyze and optimize
Unlike PDFs or slide decks, Instant Magazines live in the cloud and allow you to collect rich data about all your visitors. Generate meaningful insights and optimize as your audience grows.

Powerful Drag & Drop Editor

Find the content you like, and simply place it where it needs to go. You can also choose from dozens of page presets, pre-filled content blocks, and animations. Once your content is complete, drop in social sharing buttons and take advantage of our server-side rendering for blazing speed and robust SEO.

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Create Mobile-Friendly Magazines

Over 55% of today’s internet traffic comes from mobile devices. To reach your audience effectively, Instant Magazine enables responsive design without the need for a developer or designer.


Fully Customize Templates

Our staff magazine templates make the process simple and repeatable, and are fully customizable to fit your brand identity. Save a lot in time, but stay in control over the creative process.

Add Interactive Visuals

Visuals are what your readers will remember. Instant Magazine users have seen engagement grow by up to 400% by adding full-screen video backgrounds and including interactive elements, such as forms.


Secure your Staff Magazine

If you email a PDF, even with password protection, there’s no way to track who’s opened it. With Instant Magazine, you can gate your staff magazine to get exact information on everyone who views it. Use our Facebook and LinkedIn integrations, and protect your valuable data.

Personalize for Better Engagement

Our customers have seen a 71% increase in reading time and a 75% increase in social shares of their staff magazines when they’re personalized. From addressing your employees by name to tailoring your content to demographic data, don’t miss a chance to engage and retain.


Track, Measure and Optimize

Connect your staff magazine to Google Analytics to measure reading time, scroll depth, video plays, social sharing and more. You'll know exactly how and when prospects interact with your content on each individual page. Use this data for continuous improvement, and your content will be sticking in employees’ minds and driving them to engage.

Update Live Staff Magazines

No one said that publishing your staff magazine means the improvement process is over. Never worry about catching a typo or updating your content to keep it timely. With Instant Magazine, you can seamlessly edit live publications.

Instant Magazine Editor

Produce content that stands out

Start driving results with top-notch interactive content today.

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