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Regardless of your overall business objectives, content is the cornerstone of all your communications activities. Instant Magazine helps you produce remarkable content for today's audiences: highly visual, easily digestible, and optimized for any device.

Engage customers | Empower sales | Generate leads | Energize employees

Engage customers

Engage and inspire your customers with gorgeous, interactive branded content that will stand out and leave a lasting impression. From digital magazines to interactive product catalogs, Instant Magazine is the best way to showcase your content.

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Empower sales

Impress and persuade your prospects with next-level sales collateral that speaks volumes. Outshine your competitors and stay top-of-mind with stunning, interactive proposals, sales brochures, presentations, and pitch decks.

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Generate leads

Capture lead data from your website visitors with gated content assets like digital eBooks and interactive white papers. Offer your readers more than just a PDF, and ensure lead data is accurate by integrating your gated content with LinkedIn.

Energize employees

Keep your employees up-to-date and enthusiastic with interactive staff magazines, employee handbooks, and internal reports they will enjoy and engage with. Use our secure access control features to wall off your important internal assets.

Instant Magazine is spreading like wildfire throughout our organization: more and more divisions want to use it. It looks sleek, it’s simple to use, and it’s got just the right look to fit in with our corporate image.

Erik Poolman Senior Project Manager / PwC

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