The Moodie Davitt Report

Moodie Davitt Report dazzles readers and advertisers alike with new digital magazine format

The Moodie Davitt Report is a collection of multi-media trade publications focused on airport retail. They recently moved their long-running e-zine, an industry staple, from a flippable PDF to an interactive digital format with Instant Magazine.


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Moodie Davitt Report dazzles readers and advertisers alike with new digital magazine format

“Once we saw your system, it made a lot of sense. We could deliver the quality we wanted… [but] didn’t need to create a whole new department around that.”



We interviewed Matt Willey, Chief Technology Officer at the Moodie Davitt Report, to hear how he and his team have differentiated themselves through modernizing their e-zine.


Would you tell us a bit more about the Moodie Davitt Report and your role there?

Our business is primarily focused on airport retail, so we cover products sold in airports, as well as the vendors and airports themselves. We have a news website, a print magazine, and various digital magazines.

As Chief Technology Officer, my job is to make sure we are using the most appropriate technology for our needs. I started here in a content management capacity 11 years ago, and now as CTO, I’m responsible for the digital evolution of the business.



The challenge

What challenges were you facing with your digital magazines?

We’ve been running our e-zine for over 4 years. We originally used flash-based page-turning PDF software to create it. Our brand partners who advertise in our e-zine have very sophisticated assets and, ultimately, the flippable PDF format didn't allow us to fully showcase those.


The solution

Why did you choose Instant Magazine?

Once we saw Instant magazine it made a lot of sense. It meant we could deliver the quality we wanted for our brand partners without the need to create a whole new department around that.


How was the transition from flippable PDFs to interactive digital magazines?

We wanted to use the people and processes we were used to but to push them further. Instant Magazine has allowed used to retain a consistency of style while making strides technologically.

The support from Instant Magazine staff has been very good. Even though adopting a new system can be overwhelming, they made us feel listened to and helped resolve all our issues quickly. That was really important to us.



The results

How have your readers and brand partners reacted to the new e-zine format?

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the lack of pushback from readers. The comments have been very positive so far.

We had a similar reaction from the advertisers. It really helps that Instant Magazine can make use of assets that already exist. For our brand partners, there’s no need for them to duplicate any of that work.


What are your plans for the future as far as Instant Magazine goes? Did your plans for the digital magazine change at all?

We want to be open-minded as to what we can do with Instant Magazine. The e-zine is becoming something very different under this new platform. It’s evolving into more of a consumer-style magazine, than a direct business to business magazine.

We are excited to be able to expand within Instant Magazine. The system will certainly allow us to do things like white paper publishing and annual reports on our industry. We’re also looking at the possibility of bespoke e-zines for individuals companies. These are all strands of the business that we can grow with Instant Magazine.


What advice would you give to new Instant Magazine users?

I can only speak to the kind of business we are. The hardest thing that we as a business had to envisage was how to take a product that was already in existence and make it better without placing undue financial pressure on the business. The most important part of tackling that was the training we received from Instant Magazine support.

That’s what I’d say to people. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the Instant Magazine staff and work collaboratively to get the best results.


Company: The Moodie Davitt Report

Publication: Dreamstore 2018

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